Luftbildaufnahme von Coswig Juni 2005 (Foto: ILV Wagner)

Town portrait

Coswig is located in the centre of the Elbe Valley along the Saxon Wine Route, on the north bank of the river between Saxony’s capital city Dresden and the district town of Meissen.

Coswig: 51°08' north, 13°35' east

Since 1950, the old villages of Brockwitz and Sörnewitz have been incorporated into the town, along with the district of Neusörnewitz. Neucoswig and Kötitz were incorporated in 1920 and 1935 (see also “Districts of Coswig”).

The town is approximately 26 km² in size, with the Friedewald woods on Coswig land making up about one fifth of that area. The town centre is about 118m above sea level. To the north, the terrain rises slightly to about 200m in the woods. The highest point in Coswig is the summit of Hahneberg Hill (206m above sea level).

The most important bodies of water located in Coswig, apart from the Elbe, are the Lockwitzbach stream, the Seerosenteich and Spitzgrundteich ponds in the woods of Friedewald, and the Kötitz bathing lake. The most beautiful viewpoints in Coswig are the Hohe Stein (201 m above sea level) in Friedewald and the summit of the Bosel in the Spaargebirge Hills.

Its attractive location between the meadows of the Elbe, the Friedewald woods and the Spaargebirge Hills make Coswig interesting for locals and visitors alike. On this website, in the Tourism section, you can find out what recreational opportunities that creates, and what excursions are particularly recommended.