Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Neue Kirche in Coswig

By the end of the 19th century, the old Coswig village church had become too small for the town’s new population of 4,700. The new Church of St. Peter and St. Paul was built by the Dresden church architect Woldemar Kandler (1866–1929) employing the structures used in the German Renaissance, and consecrated on 9 November 1903.

The 60-metre tower, which can be seen from afar, rises above the striking main portal.
The interior was designed in the shape a cross with ribbed vaulting, an organ gallery and side galleries. It is decorated with glass windows and images on the pulpit based on designs by Ludwig Otto (1850–1920), a history painter from Dresden, and a painting of the Ascension above the sandstone altar.
One particular treasure is the sandstone baptismal font given to the old church by the master mason Georg Hase in 1718.
The organ, with its impressive casing, was built at the Jehmlich brothers’ workshop in Dresden in 1902 and has been renovated by the Jehmlich company with the help of numerous donors; it was re-consecrated in 2015.