Coswig – easy and fast to get to

The Coswig / Meissen / Radebeul area is conveniently connected to the national transport infrastructure by rail, motorway and the B 6 and B 101 federal roads, as well as by the Elbe (Hamburg – Dresden – Mělnik in the Czech Rep.).

It is just 15km to the centre of Dresden and only a few minutes to the A4 motorway (to Chemnitz), the A 13 (to Berlin), the A 14 (to Leipzig) and the A 17 (to Prague). Access to the A 4 is even faster and more efficient thanks to the new bridge over the Elbe at Niederwartha, the S 84n leading to Coswig in the south and the S 80 and S 82 in the north.

In Coswig there are two stops on the VVO’s S-Bahn rapid-transit railway line, with stations at Coswig and Neusörnewitz. Regional Deutsche Bahn trains also stop at Coswig Station.

Dresden Klotzsche Airport is just a quarter of an hour away by car.

Local public transport:

  • Tram route 4: Dresden(Laubegast)-Coswig-Weinböhla
  • R 400 bus route: Reichenberg-Dippelsdorf-Radebeul-Coswig
    R 401 bus route: Meissen-Sörnewitz-Brockwitz-Coswig
    R 402 bus route: Neusörnewitz-Coswig
    R 405 bus route: Radeburg-Moritzburg-Coswig
    R 460 bus route: Grossenhain-Auer-Steinbach-Spitzgrund-Coswig
  • S-Bahn route 1: Meissen-Coswig-Dresden-Bad Schandau-Schöna (Saxon Switzerland).
  • F 24 Elbe ferry: Coswig-Kötitz - Gauernitz

Trips can also be taken on the Elbe on the “Bosel” ferry. Detailed information can be found on the Verkehrsgesellschaft Meißen mbH website.

Current departure times for all local transport can be found at
For more information on the network, go to: www.ö