Baroque church of Brockwitz

Barockkirche Brockwitz - Blick aus Richtung Friedhof

The first mention of a church in Brockwitz dates back to 1205. In 1571, the village burned down, taking most of the church with it. All that has remained to this day is the church tower terminated by a Renaissance turret. The present-day church in its baroque form was constructed in 1737. During the careful restoration of the interior to return it to its simple rural baroque design in 1984, baroque paintings were revealed on the pulpit, gallery and private pew.

The altar was built in its classicist form in 1822. The altarpiece is a copy of a painting by Cima da Conegliano. In 2006, a new organ built by the Gross company was integrated into Hähnel’s historical casing, in the tradition of a Saxon baroque organ. It has 18 stops. The church is surrounded by a beautiful cemetery with tombstones dating back to the 17th century.